Best Professional Video Effects Editor

VivaCut is highly sought by editing enthusiasts and professionals.

A piece of professional creative video editing software.Be designed to meet the needs of global young users of social media for personalized creation. Helps users shape unique video styles and lead the trend of social media.Super useful in producing one’s own creative dynamic effects, instead of just applying templates.

A Full Set of Editing Tools
The characteristics of VivaCut include intuitive and easy-to-use drag-and-drop editing, and unlimited audio and video tracks, so that you can operate video segmentation, trimming, speed shifting, reverse playback, scale adjustment, etc. in multiple tracks in real time.
Key Frame Animation
Intuitive key frame tools are used to adjust the motion, selection, scaling, transparency, and other parameters of each element in animation, so that stickers, subtitles and so on will motion. The smoothness of the whole animation can also be enhanced through flexible Bézier curve adjustment.
Easy-to-use Chroma Keying
Comparable with the post-synthesis effect of blockbusters. You can shoot green screen videos by yourself, and use the simple drag-and-drop keying technology to create precise chroma keying and produce your own great videos in one step.
VFX and Transition Effect
The visual special effect (VFX) and the transition effect are two of the most popular features of VivaCut, and allow users to quickly add the latest trendy special effects and transitions with one click. VivaCut provides 300+ VFXs and transitions, which are updated regularly.
Extended Special Effects Plugins
As a unique core feature, the Fx Plugin is a powerful plugin architecture designed by VivaCut for various filters and effects. It complements and expands the existing features of the app, and can maximize the realization of video special effects. At present, the Plugin Center has supported dozens of plugins for different purposes, and it is still being updated.
Professional Video Masking
With the masking tool of VivaCut, the effects of blurring, overlay, highlighting, color correction and so on are applied to a specific part of a frame in the video. You can create masks of multiple shapes such as linear, specular, radial, and rectangular shapes to create complex graphics effects and achieve excellent animation effects.
Video Blending Mode
VivaCut can be used to overlay two videos or pictures, including more than ten blending modes such as "color filtering", "positive film overlapping", "soft light" and "multiple times", to create a seamless artistic effect of "double exposure".
Precise Curve Toning
The video toning features include "brightness", "saturation", "contrast", "color temperature", "hue", "sharpening", "light leak", "highlight", "shadow", "particle", and "vignetting"; also include more powerful "curve toning"; and support independent adjustment of RGB channels, so that users can freely adjust the colors of video images and create refreshing visual effects.
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